Colour Therapy

Some Colour Tabulations

Colour Therapy is safe, natural and easy to use.  I make use of the coloured cottons and the coloured lights.

Brooker Colour Therapy uses the coloured cotton method.  It has been using this method in cambridge, New Zealand since 1972 with no dangerous side affects and no chance of overdose as the body only takes what it needs.

Each and every colour tabulation has a different vibrational frequency which resonates to a particular bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite or protozoa, and begins the healing process.  It is especially helpful for those that can’t or won’t take allopathic medication because of the adverse reactions it has on their body.

Portable Colour Machine

The client’s test sample is sent to New Zealand for testing and a report with the various colour tabulations is sent back for the client to put in the colour machine. The portable colour machine may be clipped on a waistband or put in a pocket and the armband is worn on the wrist.  The colour machine is switched on for one hour then switched off for one hour. the process is carried on throughout the day/s with the various colours until all the hours specified on the report is complete.

Medium to light work can be carried out, as well as sitting, walking and lying down whilst using the colour machine.

Please click here to see the video of Alan Brooker at work with a client and for more information regarding Colour Therapy as well as the index of all the colour tabulations.

The Coloured Light method is also used in my healing room.  The coloured light is placed on the appropriate area of bare skin for a given predetermined period of time.  It is also necessary to do at least twice per day to achieve good results.

Colour Therapy slides and lamp