Daniela C. – “Before my visit to Marisa I was feeling tired and had some issues with anxiety. After a healing session with Marisa I felt much calmer and my energy levels were better, I had a great feeling of wellness, I felt that my health was improved.  I also learnt about myself and how my emotions could affect my well being.”

Maria – “I have had emotional issues surrounding my family of origin.  This led to health issues in my body, not major, but feelings of discomfort and pain in my stomach area, abdomen and legs.  I had intense anger and hurt towards my parents for the bitterness they had subjected me to all my life.  With Marisa’s gentle healing, and the way she guided me back to deeply buried thoughts that lay hidden, I found the connection between what I was feeling in my body and the emotional pain that had been caused through generations in my family.  Marisa has created a healing space that is full of light and peace and most of all a safe space to do the delicate work of healing.  Marisa has helped me to clear the pain and my main concern was Christmas time spent with my family and the angst I felt around that. The time was peaceful and since then I have been able to make clear boundaries and this has been due to Marisa’s clearing of the pain and hurt that I was holding.  Marisa does not rush the session, she gives fully of herself and her time and she is intent on giving results that lead you to clearing anything that may be blocking your path to your happiness and self acceptance.  her energy is of the angels and is pure and clear and I fully recommend Marisa if you would like to bring yourself back to wholeness.”

Rosanna C. – “Marisa Secco is a caring Energetic Healer who with her magic touch and therapies  provides a holistic approach to goodness and well-being.
Her empathetic  attitude and attention to detail have assisted in pain management for the tendonitis in my foot as well as other assorted health and emotional issues. Her integrated and compassionate approach leave me feeling calm and peaceful.
I find my sessions with Marisa positive and uplifting  and would highly recommend Marisa to assist in the healing process.”

Heather – “I was told by the doctors that the extreme pain in my lower back was permanent. After three sessions with Marisa, I now have no paid or soreness. This is a miracle for me after 18 months of pain. Marisa is very caring and empathetic and achieved the medical impossibility. I am extremely grateful.”

Elaine S – “Marisa also does distant healing. Without me telling her, she picked up all the pointers. My daily headaches stopped within a day and a feeling of peace and inner strength has been phenomenal in her healing”