Hi I’m Marisa, I have been doing Energy Balancing work on my clients since 2005 and it’s still a most satisfying feeling for me to see my clients leaving in a better state than whence they came.

Let me explain a little about the energies that function in and around our body. We are spirit beings first, a part of the great Divine Energy of God in the Cosmos and in order to experience a life here on Earth we were born in a physical body which could stand the pressures of gravity in this 3rd dimension here on Earth. We are always connected to the Divine Energy from God, our Creator. This divine light energy contains light codes of various frequencies and vibrations, downloading information for our body to function, which flows into the top of our head, down our spine, through our chakras and circulates through all our Meridians and Auric Field in and around our body and flows out through our feet and grounds us to Mother Earth. This light energy does this 24/7. We are all connected to the one source energy. An analogy of this is how all the computers are connected to the World Wide Web and can communicate with each other.

Now as we progress through life here on Earth we encounter pleasant positive experiences and not so pleasant negative experiences. The pleasant positive experiences revitalise us and the negative experiences cause energy blockages which in turn affect the way the information from the light codes is communicated to the organs and glands and every single cell in our body and slowly causes a malfunctioning of certain areas of our body if it’s left unchecked.

Some negative experiences can be caused by trauma and shock from wars, an accident, molestation or rape, being attacked, being bullied, being abandoned, being trapped, feeling lost, loss of a loved one, bankruptcy, etcetera can put your energy fields out of kilter. Environmental factors such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fire, floods, cyclones, electrocution, radiation, negative Ley lines, pollution, toxic chemicals and drugs can too. So too does Relationship issues such as divorce; blame; disrespect; shame and humiliation etcetera, all contribute to feelings of fear, worry, stress, anger and resentment. Long held unresolved negative issues can eventually cause blockages in your energy system and eventually manifest into anxiety, headaches, depression, worry and insomnia, aches, pain and dis-ease in your physical body.

The best way to unblock the energy fields is to come for an Energetic Healing to cleanse, unblock and energise the Meridians, Chakras and Auric Field. This I do by tuning in to my client and use my intuition and pendulum to guide me to what needs to be addressed. I use a combination of Crystal Healing as well as Pranic Healing in the first session. The next follow up session, is usually used to remove any mis-beliefs or negative thought forms that you may subconsciously keep circulating in your mind so you don’t create more blockages. I can use Forensic Healing or Theta Healing to do this. If required, I may also include a short guided meditation during the session or ask the client to do it for homework. I’ll also make up a dosage bottle of Australian Bush Flower Essences to support the client’s emotions in between visits.

The first session may take up to 1 1/2 house for an Energy Balancing and an hour for the next session or two or as required. It is highly recommended to have an Energy Balancing every 6 months if you live a highly stressful life, otherwise if you live a rather peaceful and harmonious life once a year would be sufficient.

I’m here to help you feel happy, healthy and at peace with positive energy and confidence to grow spiritually and stand in your power. Please click on the contact button for a quick chat or to make an appointment.

With love and light

Marisa Secco